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Image of Gingrich Hunting Blinds Logo


Hunting Blinds

Custom Built to Customer’s Design

4’ x 4’ Blinds – $1,485
5’ x 5’ Blinds – $2,185
6’ x 6’ Blinds – $2,385
7’ x 7’ Blinds – $2,685

If you purchase (2) blinds 10% off

Additional Options

23” x 46” standard window
12” x 46” rifle window
32” x 46” archery window
Clear or tinted glass
Extra set of (4) clear windows – $150.00

Adjust to your specific height and swivel 360 degrees – $75

Wheels and hitch to pull by hand or an ATV – $295

4 Aluminum pockets for 4”x 4” wooden legs for tower – $125

Tower doesn’t have to be more than 5 ft to 8 ft. When the windows are closed, the deer can’t pick up your movement, and your human scent is locked in.

5’ Tower Stand – $375
8’ Tower Stand – $475
10’ Tower Stand – $575
12’ Tower Stand – $675
14’ Tower Stand – $875
16’ Tower Stand – $975

Installation costs are $285 plus $3 per mile from Intercourse, PA or Barclay, MD. Includes up to 3 hours set up fee. After 3 hours, you will be charged $45.00 per hour per man.

If you pick up pressure treated lumber at your local lumber yard for towers you can save on labor.

Design of the BLIND!

Many new items first time on the market

  1. There is a skylight that you can close during the daylight hours. On early mornings and late evening hours and on cloudy days you can open up the skylight. This way you can see the pins on your bow, and see through your scope, with the tinted glass this corrects the problem.
  2. The hunting blind has black venetian blinds at windows, that you adjust the height and the tilt to your satisfaction. The venetian blinds can be tilted to your preference, so the deer can’t see your movement. Wearing total black jacket/hat is to your advantage over camouflage clothing.
  3. All windows are large enough for archery hunting. You don’t have to look through holes and sit in a dark blind, and move your weapon from window to window when a deer is moving. There are many blinds on the market that have small windows; between the windows there are blind spots that prohibit you from having a full view.
  4. The hunting blind has wheels and a hitch for an ATV to pull, and a handle for one man to pull and one man to push. Easily moved on a food plot. Wheels are made with hard rubber, so there will be no flat tires. The blind is made with treated lumber and 50 year warranty sheeting.
  5. The hunting blind has ¼” by 23” by 46” tinted plexiglass that is easy to move during the warm part of the hunting season. Windows are removable, and only have to be in when the weather is cold and you want to heat the blind.
  6. The hunting blind includes a high back office chair you can adjust to your specific height and swivel 360 degrees.
  7. There are 6” windowsills 360 degrees around you, where you can rest your weapon on a sandbag.
  8. Option, you don’t need tinted glass with the venetian blinds.

Corn Feeders

500 lbs – $295
900 lbs – $395
2,000 lbs – $495


Gravity feeder or broadcast feeder or 8’ ladder – $50.00 each

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